About Us

The goal of this academic program and collaboration is to provide support to set up, validate, maintain and study the performance of clinical assays for the therapeutic drug monitoring of the immunosuppressant everolimus.

iC42 is a unique clinical research and development facility that combines quantitative mass spectrometry (drugs, drug metabolites, other small molecules and large molecules, endogenous compounds), metabolic and protein profiling technologies in a regulatory compliant environment under one roof. We are designed and uniquely qualified to carry out the bioanalytics for complex clinical trials involving drug quantification and molecular marker strategies. In addition, iC42 carries out research and development projects including: molecular marker discovery and qualification, translational research, strategy development and the identification of molecular mechanisms.

iC42 is an academic laboratory committed to advancing individual medicine by examining the unique biology of an individual to assess truly personalized treatments. The clinical use of immunosuppressants in transplantation creates a major challenge whereby monitoring and proper validation, alongside ongoing external quality control checks of in-house tests, is important in order to support effective and safe use.

iC42 personnel has actively been involved in the development and study of everolimus for almost 15 years and has extensive experience with the handling and analysis of everolimus blood samples. If there is a problem with an assay, we will be glad to help troubleshooting and to provide advice. Moreover, we will always be glad to assist in setting up assays, share our assay and supporting documentation and/or to provide hands-on training based on our LC-MS/MS assay here in Colorado.

Since this is a scientific, academic collaboration and not a formal program, we are always interested in your suggestions and are encouraging and facilitating the exchange of ideas and experience among the participating laboratories.

We are looking forward to an interesting and successful collaboration!

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